Doctor Testimonials 

If you want to have minimization of need for topical steroids and topical calcineurin inhibitors, Atopiclair is a great way to do it. Atopiclair is somewhere in between 'over-the-counter' and medication, especially so because it is effective and extremely safe for children above six months.
Dr. William Abramovits
Dermatology Treatment and Research Center, PA
Dallas, Texas. USA.
Atopiclair is wonderful for atopic eczema. I've seen how once a patient takes on Atopiclair, further attacks of atopic dermatitis drastically goes down and that makes patients very happy.
Dr. Sreelata S. Trasi
Consultant Dermatologist
Trasi Cosmetology & Laser Center, Mumbai
The most important factor in management of Atopic Dermatitis is to repair the skin barrier. Atopiclair makes the task of treating or managing the patients' Atopic Dermatitis easy.
Dr. Rui J. Fernandes (Rtd.)
Hon. Professor & Head, Dept. of Dermatology
G.S.Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai
We need to understand that the goal in treatment in AD is flare prevention. This is attainable through proactive treatment. Patients should be made aware of moisturizers like Atopiclair™ that offer many benefits in the management of AD.
Dr. Giam Yoke Chin
Senior Consultant, Chief Pediatric,
Dermatology Division, National Skin Centre, Singapore